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Life model


Taking your clothes off in front of a bunch of strangers is an incredible experience.  Life Drawing Melbourne offers a safe and supportive space, completely free of judgement, where you can get your kit off and experience life how it was meant to be – naked.

Curious to give it a go?

Attend our Model School and learn enough to get started in just one evening. Our trainer has many years Life Modeling experience and will tutor you in choosing and holding poses, modeling etiquette – all the mind and body aspects of the trade. Everyone gets the chance to try some poses under supervision and leaves with a Certificate of Completion, which certifies you to model for us, and other studios. Those who have never been naked with strangers before will find this an incredible experience in itself.

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Experienced as a Life Model already?

Please use the contact form to register with us.  We pay $32 per hour (2 hour sessions) for standard life modeling, and more for Erotic or Fetish work.