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So you’d like to be a Life Model?


I have drawn and worked with hundreds of life models as a student, artist and teacher; teaching for many years at RMIT and now Swinburne University. I prefer to choose my models from Life Drawing Melbourne – one reason is their teacher, whose modelling experience and knowledge of the industry is extensive, invaluable and contemporary.

– Alan Marshall, Swinburne University Art Department

Life modeling takes us out of our comfort zone – into a new one.  While the thought of standing naked before a group of our peers might be the realm of nightmares, in a safe and supportive environment it becomes a freeing, and intensely rewarding experience – a revisit of your primal roots – as well as providing a handy supplement to your income.


LDM runs workshops about once a month where you can gain theoretical and practical experience in the art of Life Modeling.  You’ll leave with a Certificate of Completion and informative class notes, and with a new perspective on the human body.


Our instructor Rose is respected as one of Melbourne’s most experienced life models.  With the aid of an experienced assistant, Rose will take you through every aspect of the art and guide you through poses that suit your body type and flexibility.


Topics covered include:

Preparation and safety
Roles and responsibilities
Balance and pressure points
The artist’s perspective
Choosing and holding poses
When things don’t go as planned
Working conditions


For the practical part of the class, we’re all naked together as we start with simple, short poses and work up to more challenging and longer poses.  The environment is friendly and relaxed with a class sizes of around 20.  Classes are mixed gender;  male attendees are respectful and understand this is not a social event.


Are you male bodied?  There is much less demand for male bodied models and while you’re welcome to complete our workshop, we’re unlikely to be able to offer you paid work.


Workshop cost is $60 including GST.  Our workshops are not on a fixed schedule, but run about monthly – add yourself to our mailing list to receive notification of upcoming classes.

If we currently have a workshop scheduled and it isn’t full, you can use book via this link.

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If no workshops appear, add yourself to the mailing list, there will be one announced soon!

Professional and so much fun!!

I attended the workshop in the hope to expand my modelling skills and become a life model, I have now been booked for several classes and love it! Rose and the team provided me with the skills, knowledge and confidence to obtain work and be efficient in my posing. 10/10 would recommend.

– Miss Louise

I was very excited when I learned about the life drawing workshop, as I have been considering modelling in Melbourne for a while and did not know where I start. Even so, I was a little nervous thinking about being naked with a group people I have never met before, until I stepped into the studio. It was a very warm, welcoming environment which put a shy girl like me at ease.  Our friendly instructors not only offered us a wonderful introduction to the industry, work on each pose with us from scratch,  but also did not hold back at all on their experiences. Professional, informative, patient, encouraging and supportive, they made me feel that I was finally ready to make a start.

Surprisingly, one of the instructors Rose contacted me for a themed modelling session a few weeks later which I of gladly did. I enjoyed every minute of and seeing the wonderful works by the artist felt truly rewarding! A sincere thanks and big hugs to Rose!

– Gia

The LDM model workshop was professionally run by LDM’s facilitator and experienced life model Rose. Any nerves I had before partaking in the workshop were quickly put at ease by Rose who ensured a comfortable and fun environment for all participants. A significant amount of time was dedicated to practicing different types of poses suitable for varying durations. Rose ensured that each model was provided with feedback and advice on their poses in addition to important information about OH&S and workplace standards.

I recommend this workshop to anybody interested in life modelling, whether you want to pursue it professionally, as a hobby or to gain a better perspective as an artist.

After partaking in the session I went on to model for LDM which was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I continue to life draw in my spare time and hope to model for more artists soon!

– Lalay

Thank you very much for the incredibly informative, educational, fun and enjoyable workshop that you and Tess ran last night. Well done to you both.

– Ian

Case Study: Ty

Firstly can you tell us a little about you – age, where you’re from, what you do with your life?


I am 22 years old, from Vancouver, Canada. I am an explorer in every meaning of the word. I have been living and travelling around the world for a few years, and soaking up all that life has to offer. I believe the best way to live is to keep trying new things and constantly look for ways to step outside of your comfort zone. That is the mindset that led me to take a life modelling course.


What inspired you to come to our Life Drawing  Workshop?


The workshop intrigued me from the moment I heard about it. I had never been to a life drawing class, but the idea of using the human body as a live inspiration to create art felt like something I wanted to be part of.


Did it meet your expectations?


To be honest I can’t say I really knew what to expect when I signed up for the course. It was something very new to me, and I was both scared and excited to find out what it would be like.  I enjoyed it a lot, it was a great introduction to Life Modelling.  I ended up having a blast and discovering a whole new side of myself. The most spectacular moment was when the class was asked to de-robe. It felt like we all stepped in unison out of our boundaries and into a new realm of exploration and openness. The setting and mood made it a perfect environment for us to feel comfortable taking this step into unfamiliar territory.


Had you done anything like this before? Or was this a really new realm for you?


I had been dabbling in nudity for a couple years, mainly by spending time at nude beaches and having the occasional skinny dip with friends. This however was the first organized nude event that I had been to.


How did you go about finding Life Modelling work?  Has it been difficult, or relatively easy?


The night after my first modelling gig I spent hours excitedly scrolling through my photos of all the drawings from the class. It occurred to me that this was something I really enjoyed doing, and I wanted to do more of it. So I created an instagram profile to share my portfolio. I didn’t have a lot of art to work with at the time, so I had to get creative and post some photos as well as drawings. Within a couple weeks I had a reasonably established account, and I started to get a few offers from classes around  Australia. I also reached out to a few places and offered my services. If you are willing to put yourself out there, it is quite easy to find work.


Did you do this just for the fun of it, or as a new skill to earn income from?


I must admit, I was intrigued by the opportunity to earn a little cash at the beginning. As a full time traveller, I’m always looking for creative ways to fund my next adventure. However once I experienced the exhilaration that comes with modelling for an art class, the money aspect became less important to me.



Do you enjoy life modelling?  What’s the best part of it?


I love everything about life modelling. From the incredible people I’ve met in the industry, to the stunning art work I’ve seen that was inspired by my poses. It has all been a crazy beautiful journey. I have also gained a lot of confidence from the experience. It’s a vulnerable place to be, completely exposed in front of a live audience, and that is exactly why it feels so good. Most societies deem nudity as “taboo,” and it is always scary to stray from societal norms. So when I remove my robe at the start of every class, a rush of fear and excitement runs through my veins. I am not just shedding my clothes, but also my protective barriers (in other words, my social anxiety). It is a powerful and invigorating feeling, that gives me a lasting self esteem boost every time.



Would you say it’s a good way for a traveller to earn money as they move around? 


I think it is the perfect job for a traveller. Even if you are just visiting for a few days, most cities have life drawing classes  on every day of the week, so you’re bound to find something if you do a bit of research and set it up in advance. It is also a fun way to meet interesting, creative people when you are travelling in a new and foreign place.